About – Handymay


Manymay is a content, ideas, and creative story based platform. Founded by internet entrepreneur & Social Messenger Mavis Offei. The goal of Manymay is to make readers, and the world at large find relevant content in the easiest way possible. Thereby serving as a content based search engine. And by so doing we  treat each content as letters, which has to be mailed to receiver or reader.

Handymay on the other hand, is a sister company or affiliate to Manymay. Serving as a freelance service marketplace for the creatives on Manymay and the world at large. At handymay,  anybody to start a shop for free. Selling unlimited services at a fraction of the cost. Each freelancer is offered 85% of their earnings per sale. The Earnings can be withdrawn as long as you reach above the withdrawal limit. We are obliged to pay our shop owners after every 2 weeks.

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