Website Training

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Topics we will use in the training to develop your project.

1.       What is a website?

2.       What are the categories of websites?

3.       What does a website consist of?

4.       What is a domain name?

5.       TLD and Non TLDS?

6.       Selecting Your Domain Name?

7.       SEO

8.       Where to buy a domain name: Selecting a domain name registrar?

9.       Domain name extensions: Choosing the appropriate one? Counting the cost?

10.   What is a hosting?

11.   DNS: Basic Dns, Web Hosting Dns, Custom Dns?

12.   Hosting Packages? And what best suites your project? Counting the Cost?

13.   Cron Jobs and Scripts?

14.   Installing WordPress on your Server?

15.   What is SSL?

16.   WordPress Content Management System?

17.   Themes and Plugins? Counting the cost?

18.   Customizations

19.   Graphics and Banners?

20.   WordPress Security?

21.   Installations of Themes and Plugins

22.   Content Upload?

23.   Website Maintenance, coming soon and publishing

24.   Website Traffic/ Engagement Analytics :

25.   Webmaster search engine submission?

26.   Website Traffic: free and paid…

27.   List of projects you can run with a website?

28.   Charging a client for Website Development?


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