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Suitable poultry housing is very important for successful poultry farming business. Poultry birds can be raised in both free range and indoor production systems. In case indoor production system, it is very crucial to manage the environment. Poultry need accurate management and environment for better production and welfare. Whether the poultry raised in indoor or outdoor system, make sure the well management, ventilation, lighting, temperature and litter condition.

For a small scale poultry production, portable houses are best and this is an organic method.

Let’s build one for your farm.


The floor of the house should be extended 1.5 feet outside the wall on all sides to prevent rat and snake problems.




The door must be open outside in case of deep-litter poultry houses. The size of door is preferably 6 x 2.5 feet.



Side walls

The side wall will be of 1-1.5 feet height, and generally at the level of bird’s back height.




The roof of the poultry house may be thatched, tiled, asbestos or concrete one depending upon the cost involvement. Different types of roofs are Shed, Gable, half-monitor, full-monitor (Monitor),

All this will be done to your specification.  order from us now.


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